As If Magazine by Kristopher Fraser A review of the in-store intervention by Donegan at the Missoni Boutique, NYC curated by Franceso Urbano-Ragazzi, October 2018- March 2019
by Molly Glenzer January 29, 2019
by Michael McFadden February 11, 2019
by Johanna Fateman May, 2018, print edition
Cheryl Donegan Brings Textiles to Aspen with GRLZ + VEILS by Rebecca Kleinman June 29, 2018
Culture Trip website writer reviews GRLS + VEILS at Aspen Art Museum Jill Di Donato July 20, 2018
Modern Luxury website feature Many Mediums reviews GRLZ +VEILS at AAM by Rebecca Cole August 2018
March 8, 2016 interview discussing the EXTRA LAYER collection, in co-operation with Print All Over Me, video produced by the New Museum
Fashion Illustrator Richard Haines discusses his work, career, and collaborations with Cheryl Donegan by Ashlin Randolph
by Joe Bucciero The Brooklyn Rail June 3, 2016
by Martha Schwendener March 10, 2016
Artist Cheryl Donegan exhibits pacesetting works at the New Museum spanning twenty-three years. by Andrea K. Scott February 18, 2016
Broken Gingham Collection, in cooperation with Print All Over Me, Contemporary Fashion at NADA Art Fair by Sarah Leon May 15, 2015
by Michael Connor March 29, 2016
by Rebecca Lee Reynolds Spring 2016
EXTRA LAYER and Broken Gingham Collections on sale at PAOM.COM
cut this giftwrap paper to repurpose as posters 26" x 72" roll yeilds 3 posters 5 designs available
I'm not a fashion person and neither are you
Cheryl Donegan video archived on Ubu
Interview between Cheryl Donegan and curator Sam Korman, Winter 2014
Dia Artists Web Projects also viewable at Rhizome

He Said/ She Said is an exhibition and event series held in the home of Pamela Fraser and Randall Szott. They will take turns presenting what amounts to an ongoing conversation about art and culture - Ms. Fraser presenting art and artists, and Mr. Szott sharing the activities of people who work in other contexts. Together they hope to offer up a fun and thoughtful take on current ideas in art and life.